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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/7/21

There are 24 days remaining in 2021.


Blame the complete lack of MLB news, but I can’t stop thinking about the Mets interviewing Buck Showalter for their managerial job. Sure, he’s one of several candidates for the job and he nearly got the Astros’ gig in 2020 before Jim Crane decided to go with another veteran in Dusty Baker. But it’s really something. Think what you want about the guy, but hey, kudos on wanting to manage again after most recently enduring a brutal 115-loss season in Baltimore in 2018. Buck wouldn’t be my pick, but he’s sure as hell better than whatever the hell Brad Ausmus offers anyway.

Today on the site, Dan will argue why baseball should reconfigure its offseason and the timing of both its free agency and MLB Draft periods. Later on, Jon will explore the legitimacy of Jameson Taillon’s mid-2021 hot streak, and Andrés and John will make the free agent cases for a couple relievers: Ryan Tepera and old pal Dellin Betances.

Fun Questions:

1. Think the Mets actually hire Buck Showalter?

2. Are the Nets good enough to stay at the top of the Eastern Conference, or do they have a fall coming?