One-Stop Shop - Oakland A's

By now, as much as we all want the Yankees to use their financial advantages to their fullest, it's obvious that the team currently has no interest in signing the big-ticket names on the market. Most fans agree that the positional priorities to upgrade are SS, 1B, CF and SP, in some order. Yes, catcher too, but Gary Sanchez will be back for his walk year and hopefully he comes through with a big season.

Given those positional needs, the Oakland A's could be the perfect trading partner. There has obviously been a ton of speculation about Matt Olson being a target for 1B, and for good reason. Olson would be a massive upgrade and solve the revolving door of mediocrity at that position for years to come, given he is about to play in his age 28 season. He's in his prime and is a stud.

There have also been suggestions to target Sean Manaea, who is right behind Olson on the A's payroll ($12 million for Olson, $10.2 for Manaea). The lefty will be 30 this year and would immediately slot in as the #2 SP on the Yankees staff.

Next, I'll bring up the controversial Elvis Andrus. I was surprised that Andrus is only slated to make $7 million next season. I know he has slipped and at age 33 he won't be getting better, but by taking this salary off of Oakland's hands it may mitigate the number and/or quality of prospects who would need to be added from the Yankees side of the deal. The Bombers get their "stopgap" SS. If he can field the position well enough, the hitting can be a bonus if he surprises. If not, DJL, Torres or Urshela (whoever is not starting that day) can pinch-hit and the infield can be moved around to cover. If they have a lead and want to keep Andrus in due to defense, then there's no issue.

Lastly, I haven't seen any rumors on this topic but let's top off this blockbuster with the addition of Ramon Laureano for CF. Laureano comes with the baggage of a PED suspension last year, but that might work in the Yankees favor from a value standpoint. Laureano is slated to make $2.8 million and is entering his age 27 season.

All told, the 4 contracts total $32 for 2022. I'm not going to worry too much about future seasons - the Yankees have a lot of decisions to make about future payroll, the new CBT and a myriad of other factors. Acquiring these 4 players fills holes that are in need of upgrades at a cost of less than a year of Carlos Correa, and for far fewer years' commitment. That fits right into the current regime's wheelhouse. The question will be, how many prospects will it take to get the deal done? This would fit the definition of an "all-in" move and would admittedly gut the farm system. However, the return includes a power-hitting, lefty-swinging 1B and a CF who has a short track record of success at the MLB level, both of whom are in their primes. Manaea is only 30 as mentioned above so he also can be a key piece for years to come right behind Cole at the top of the rotation. Get it done Cash!

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