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How would you grade the 2021 Yankees?

Now, it’s your call to determine which Yankees earned top marks in 2021, and which need extra work over the winter.

Dan Brink

Over the past month and change, the Pinstripe Alley staff has worked to grade and review the turbulent 2021 Yankees. Some were easy, some were challenging, and some were oh-so-tedious. (Look, it’s not the most enjoyable task to grumble about the frustrating mediocrity of Gleyber Torres for a full article.)

Just as we did last year, now we want to hear from you. How would you grade the 2021 Yankees?

Since the full roster was a franchise-record-breaking 59-man behemoth, I’ve reduced to grading to just 20 players. There’s a slight imbalance, as I included 11 position players and 9 pitchers, but I just felt that Kyle Higashioka and Luke Voit were more impactful than Corey Kluber and the parade of relievers who all appeared in under 50 games. If you feel like tossing a note to one of them in the comments at the end of the survey, have at it. I’ve also included one last opportunity to grade manager Aaron Boone and GM Brian Cashman on their work.

I’ve set up a Google Form to fill out the survey, so click this link to have it take you there! We’d love to get as many responses as possible and do a follow-up story on the average community evaluation. Thanks!