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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/6/21

Your rundown after an uneventful weekend.

MLB: New York Yankees at Oakland Athletics D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

It was an expectedly quiet weekend, with little news pertaining to MLB’s current lockout coming to surface. The only actual baseball news items were very small potatoes, such as the Twins signing reliever Tylor Megill to a minor league contract, or shortstop Freddy Galvis moving toward a deal that would land him in Japan’s NPB. This is likely to become the norm round the sport, so hopefully you’re already getting used to the lack of action.

On the site, Josh makes an interesting argument that analytics buttress Derek Jeter’s resume, rather than poke holes in it. Also, Esteban explains the curious case of the Yankees’ revenue and payroll, and Jesse breaks down Freddie Freeman as a free agent target.

Fun Questions:

1. Other than shortstop, what do you think is the most important position for the Yankees to upgrade this offseason?

2. Have you read John Heylar’s “Lords of the Realm: The Real History of Baseball”?