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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/23/21

Joe DiMaggio in Oakland; Story and Correa’s best landing spots; Miggy sputters in LIDOM

Joe DiMaggio Making “Zeros” With Fingers | Anthony Castrovince: Lockout or not, this is a pretty slow time in the baseball calendar, which lets us explore some of the lesser known areas of the game’s history. Castrovince tells the story of how Joe DiMaggio, the man who thanked the good Lord for making him a Yankee, spent a season on the West Coast coaching for the Oakland As. Come for the bizarre scene of Joe in green and gold, stay for him serving a young Reggie Jackson lasagna.

ESPN | Bradford Doolittle: There are still two All-Star caliber shortstops out there, and the Yankees still have a hole at shortstop. Once again, the argument is made that Carlos Correa is a perfect fit for the club, and given how closely he comps to prime Cal Ripken Jr., one has to wonder how Hal and Co. would behave if a player with that kind of reputation were available for just money.

Sports Illustrated | Max Goodman: One sixty-one. That’s Miguel Andújar’s batting average for the Dominican winter ball season, as the once-and-perhaps-future Yankee infielder ended his LIDOM campaign after just eight games earlier this week. Andy also committed two errors at third base, proving that once again his great nemesis is a baseball being hit in his general direction. The Dominican league is a very pitcher-friendly environment and eight games isn’t indicative of true talent, but it sure doesn’t provide much momentum and optimism for the next leg of Andújar’s major league career.