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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/2/21

The baseball market is frozen in a lockout, but PSA is not.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

Well, the day is here. Baseball is officially in its first work stoppage in 27 years, as the owners have locked the players out. Pretty much everyone following the labor negotiations knew that this was probably coming for awhile, and the free agent signing spree certainly seemed to presage that a good chunk of players wanted to secure finances before December truly hit.

The show goes on at PSA, though. Today on the site, Jon will make the case for precisely two possible directions where the Yankees should go with their offseason strategy, and John will bite the bullet by becoming the brave staff member to truly explore Andrelton Simmons as a Yankees free agent target. Later on, Dan will reveal our final report card grade on miscellaneous 2021 players, and Esteban will explore a potential reunion with old friend Masahiro Tanaka.

Fun Questions:

1. How long do you predict that this lockout will last?

2. Which sport will you track the most while the baseball market is frozen?