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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/10/21

Happy Friday, everyone.

Pettitte Signs With Astros Photo by Brett Coomer/Getty Images

It’s another day with baseball activity essentially equal to zero, so you’ll have to indulge me in a little nostalgia. On this day in 1988, the Yankees came to terms with MSG on a 12-year contract to broadcast games. That’s the network where I first came to love the Yankees, featuring booths with the likes of Ken Singleton, recent Hall-of-Fame inductee Jim Kaat, Bobby Murcer, Al Trautwig, Suzyn Waldman, and the not-fully-a-punchline-yet Tim McCarver.

Hit it, DJ.

That’s the good stuff. The Yankees remained on MSG (and did quite a bit of winning) until after the 2001 season, when the YES Network was created. Boo to James Dolan but yay to Yankees Baseball on MSG.

Today on the site, John will aim to create a bizarro baseball/holiday movie hybrid and Peter will explore A’s starter Chris Bassitt as a potential trade target. Later on, John will return to make the free agent case for former NL MVP Kris Bryant, and Josh will look back on Derek Jeter’s narrow MVP loss in 2006.

Fun Questions:

1. No question here actually, just please come up with a good caption for this odd picture of Andy Pettitte deep in thought with Santa Claus.

2. What’s your least favorite song from the holiday season playlist?