We never appreciated how good we had it.

Remember when our owner would go get the biggest prize of the off-season? Because he could. Granted, at times he would leave us scratching our heads as to the fit. Or remember when he would collect as many free agents as he could get to sign their name on the bottom of a contract for the chance to put on the Pinstripes? How many of you will admit to complaining during those days that he should let his baseball people run the team.

Welcome to 2021. We have our analytics people calling the shots, our baseball people who fall in love with their farm system but can't develop them into consistent big league players and an owner who demonstrates financial restraint.

Today, I'm ready to offer my Pinstripe jerseys to Good-Will. We have become mediocre. Average. Boring. The luster is gone. The mystique is missing. The Yankess just aren't the Yankees anymore.

While we talk about needing a SS, catching, a CF and pitching...what we really need is a "hungry" GM who isn't impressed with his resume and new ownership who can't wait to "wake up the legends" .

Wake me up when it's over!

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