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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/1/21

Here’s a Wednesday rundown.

New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

A new month has arrived, and the final day before the end of the current CBA no less. Everything coming out of the MLB/MLBPA talks sounds like we’re in for a long stalemate with both sides far apart, hence the frenzied pace we’ve seen for plenty of the game’s marquee free agents signing ahead of the deadline. The Yankees haven’t been particularly involved in any of the big names that have moved to this point, and if they want to nab a top-tier name on this market they might have to move fast to get it done.

Today on the site, Andrés leads off with a discussion on the looming concern that an improving AL West poses for the Yankees. Peter examines Carlos Rodón’s intriguing free agent profile as another high risk, high reward option, and also delivers a report card on the miscellaneous rookie arms that saw some playing time this year. Esteban wraps things up with a look at trading for Cedric Mullins should the Orioles be serious about shopping their star center fielder.

Fun Questions:

1. Where do you rank the Yankees on paper among their AL competition at this moment?

2. Which division looks better now, the AL East or AL West?