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Sporcle quiz: Name the entire 2021 New York Yankees roster

A record 59 players suited up in pinstripes last year. Good luck naming ‘em all.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
“Who’s that guy again? Jeffy?”
Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images

It’s been over a month since the 2021 Yankees’ season ended, but it concluded with such a deflating mood that I felt like some separation was needed before we launched the annual “name the roster” Sporcle quiz. For awhile, I just didn’t want to think about most of these guys more than necessary.

Now, however, is the time. In honor of past Sporcle stars like Zoilo Almonte, Rico Noel, Tommy Layne, and Joe Harvey, let’s remember some random Yankees. Specifically, let’s try to remember the record 59 players who got into a game for the Yankees this past season.

The Yankees have assembled some packed rosters in past years, but 2021 was a whole different animal. It was the first full season after a pandemic-shortened 2020 and the combination of COVID and injuries definitely played a role in more big leaguers getting an opportunity in pinstripes than in a normal year. Even if it was only for a single inning, these fellas can always say that they were Yankees. They just don’t have to specify which Yankees.

Take the quiz, see how you fare, and share your scores as we give this roster its viking funeral! Try to use the spoiler tag in the comments to hide any player names you might mention so that potential answers aren’t spoiled.