Roundtable: Is Posey a Hall of Famer?

I have no problem with Posey becoming a HOF, but if you put him in then they need to put Thurman Munson in! Thurman and Posey have identical career stats. Posey has 12 yrs playing time and Munson has 11yrs. Now many say Munson only played 10 yrs yes! you can say that, but that goes the same for Posey. Munson and Posey both has a yr where Munson had like 27 ab and Posey had one yr where he had 7 ab, so if you take that yr off where they had a few ab then Munson had 10yrs and Posey had 11 yrs. Now here are their career stats - Both went to WS 3 times, both are 7 times all stars, both won an league MVP and both won rookie of the year.

Munson - GP - AB - R - H - RBI - BB - SO - HR - SB

1,423 - 5344 - 686 - 1558 - 701 - 438 - 571 - 113 - 48

Posey - 1371 - 4970 - 663 - 1500 - 721 - 540 - 721 - 158 - 158

Now you can see stat very similar and Munson played one less yrs. Are we to understand that a year less mean Posey get into HOF and Munson does not? Well I say this if writers inducts Posey the HOF and leave Munson out their HOF voting privilege's should be revoked!

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