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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/4/21

Your rundown as the offseason begins.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

We’ve come to the second day of the offseason, and the first day on which there was no potential MLB game scheduled to be played. Given we’re just weeks away from the current CBA’s expiration, it feels as though we’re in no-man’s land. There’s no telling when the big hot stove dominoes will start to fall, or when the Yankees might begin to enact their winter plans. That said, we did surprisingly get some news yesterday, with the Reds trading catcher Tucker Barnhart to the Tigers, and Buster Posey reportedly retiring.

On the site, Matt grades Luis Gil’s short season, John looks at Yankees who played the fewest games at their positions but still managed to be listed as that season’s starter, Peter goes over which players stand out as the Yankees’ most obvious non-tender candidates, and Andres compares Trevor Story, Corey Seager, and Carlos Correa on the defensive side of the ball.

Fun Questions:

1. Will the Yankees sign a pitcher to a multi-year contract this offseason?

2. Where do the Braves rank among the most surprising World Series winners of the past decade?