A quick word on Jeter, Altuve and the cheating Astros

Some of you may have had the misfortune of reading the vomit recently posted discussing whether Altuve should be the real Mr. November. After rinsing out my mouth, I thought I’d let it go but I was flipping through Derek’s stats last night and with the cheating Astros getting eliminated I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

First, Jeter was truly awesome in the World Series. His career playoff numbers are solid (very good in the ALDS, ordinary for the ALCS) but his world series numbers are pretty special. 38 games played with a .321/.384/.449 triple slash .832 ops. But when I look a little closer at each series I’m reminded of how much better he was than his numbers. 2000 against the Mets was truly special and he deservingly was named World Series MVP. 2001 is his only bad world series (take this away and he’s a .357 hitter in 31 games) but I remember how he was likely playing through a broken hand. No excuses though. He was out on the field so we hold him responsible for his play and he still managed the Mr. November walk off home run. Overall I find it remarkable how he was able to elevate his play.

Now a word on the cheaters. In the article I referred to at the beginning several fans posted how the baseball world has really moved on from the cheating scandal. In some circles that the Astros continue to be a good team seems to validate that cheating didn’t really affect much. I think this is SUCH HORSE SPIT! Of course they are/were a talented bunch of players! You can’t just cheat and get to the world series. You have to have talent and maximize that talent by getting every edge you can get (legal or illegal). I feel like I have to remind people that Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were both pretty good ball players. Actually I’m vastly undermining them as they were both all stars players before the juice and then with the juice they became all world. That’s how it works. Barry Bonds was a top player in baseball and arguable had the greatest stretch run in all of the history of baseball at age 36! (include Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, any of the greatest players of all time and his seasons were better) So no I’m not surprised that Altuve and Correa both continue to have good MLB careers but it’s a hell of a lot harder when you don’t know what’s coming and that’s the difference between being good player/all star and being an MVP.

Last, the nonsense with Altuve’s shy excuse regarding the walk off homer vs Chapman. I’ll just say when you’ve had ample time to tell your story but the story has changed at least 3 times by my count (shy, wife didn’t like it, hiding a nonexistent tattoo) and I don’t even want to hear any more nonsense giving him cover. He seemed perfectly happy to have his shirt ripped off him in Yankee Stadium this year and he’s been perfectly happy to have pictures taken with his shirt off his entire career. But somehow that day he had to grab it tight and run like hell to get to the dugout and change. Also even though Altuve’s playoff numbers are still good after last night in 20 world series games Altuve hits .242/.255/.440 for a .695 ops. Not very good.

Just some of my thoughts. Please let me know what you think.

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