What's wrong with Gio as shortstop?

I understand that most Yankee fans would like to bag one of the proven, top-notch shortstops on the market this year. Looks like the top free agents will demand a very high price. Several others have suggested that the Yankees are "monitoring" the shortstop market and might swoop in to make a big signing if the cost is more reasonable. Others have suggested acquiring a "stopgap" shortstop waiting on Volpe and/or Peraza to mature and be ready for prime time. Very few are talking about using Gio Urshela as the "stopgap" shortstop. Gio came up as a shortstop and shifted to third in Cleveland/Toronto. He played very adequately at shortstop late in the season after the Yankees had scuttled the "Torres at shortstop" experiment. I see Gio as a more than adequate shortstop who has proved he can supply some offense too. And, some columns I have read even lead one to believe that he would relish the opportunity. Urshela is a much better "stopgap" than the others suggested.

I personally have no problem with the Yankees spending precious money elsewhere to upgrade other positions - like first base, center field, and another starting pitcher and allowing Gio to bridge the gap to the youngsters at shortstop. We all want to see the Yankees spend what money Hal is willing to part with in the most impactful way possible. While I hope and pray the Yankees are willing to spend some bucks to upgrade, I understand shying away from a long-term, expensive shortstop contract when they have a lot of shortstop hope within the system.

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