Yankees Primary Free Agent Target - Mad Max

It’s clear the Yankees need to upgrade several positions on the roster. You can make a case that C, 1B, SS, CF, and SP all could use a jolt. Rumors and reports this offseason of the free agent and trade market have been just that though, rumors and reports. Everyday the narrative seems to change and the Yankees "plan" to address SS and other areas shifts. Hal doesn’t seem hesitant to spend this offseason and they made that clear with a $25 million offer to Verlander for one year. However, I believe the reports that the Yankees don’t want to add another long term big money deal to their books. They already are paying Cole, Stanton, and most likely judge for the next 7 years. So why not spend big now, while also not restricting the roster for years to come?

That’s why I think Max Scherzer should be a key FA target. The Yankees had a solid rotation last year that didn’t get enough attention and respect because the focus was on the abysmal offense. But you can never have enough pitching. They already told us they are looking to add a big game pitcher with their offer to Verlander. Yes, Severino will be back and I’m a huge fan of him. Montgomery made strides and had a great season. Taillon looked great in the second half and should only miss a month. And then you have guys like Gil and Cortes who stepped up and provided much needed depth. But they are all no guarantees. Max is a proven veteran, Cy Young winner, and world champion. The Yankees don’t have a single player with a ring on the roster now that Gardner is a FA. Having Cole and Scherzer for a full season would be fantastic, but the real reason the Yanks should go for him is the opportunity to have Cole and Max for potentially 2 starts each in a best of seven series in the postseason. It’s championship or bust in the Bronx, and I think Max helps get this team over the hump for the first time in 12 years. The offense will bounce back, and they can add pieces via trade. But the main FA target in my opinion should be Max Scherzer

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