Seager Top FA Choice

At this point it seems apparent that Correa is not the right guy. Seager makes the most sense as he fills both a short and long term need. He fills the short term need at SS as we wait for any one of the 3 SS's down on the farm. I say 3 as you have to include Cabrera or Sweeney as one more to the top 2 now.

Seager gives us the LH bat that helps fit our RH heavy lineup. He also allows up to bring up a SS and slide him over to 3B. The price for the SS's will be high and maybe sliding over makes him an over priced 3B player but that's the price we pay for being in this situation and trying to win this year during our window.

He would be my #1 priority in FA right now. Trading for Olson is #2 with Rizzo as a fall back plan.

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