The Yankees Top Free-Agent Target Should Be: Carlos Correa if they trade Torres vs. Freddie Freeman if they don't.

If the Yankees sign Correa, they could sign Rizzo to play first to keep DJL at second. This would be predicated upon Torres being traded. If the Yankees insist upon playing Torres at second, the cost of consigning DJL to a super-utility role riding the bench, would be to sign Freddie Freeman to play first base. Under these conditions it would be acceptable, in my opinion, for the Yankees to trade for a shortstop, better than stopgap, but not in the league of the elite free-agent shortstops. However, if the Yankees insist upon signing a Simmons or Galvis, the cost would be for them to allocate the freed up trade pieces, to a package of additional trade pieces, that would be required to obtain an elite centerfielder/outfielder, a bona fide #2 starting pitcher, or both. If only one of these last two pieces can be traded for, the other can be bought in the free-agent market.(It would make better sense to trade for the centerfielder/outfielder, since there are plenty of quality free-agent starting pitchers still unsigned in the free agent market.That's not the case for centerfielders) Frankly, my signing Freeman scenario is more vesatile than my signing Correa scenario; among other things it probably keeps more Yankees' blue-chip prospects in the fold. Consequently, if I was forced to choose between one of the two scenarios I would have to say (drumroll please!): Freddie Freeman should be the Yankees' top free agent Target!

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