Rule 5 Protection

Well the deadline passed and news seems to be trickling out. Wade, Odor and Frazier all DFA. Nick Nelson and Donny Sands (I’ll miss that name) traded to PHI for a lower level 1B and LHP prospects. My first reaction is that I am shocked we let Wade go, he’s seemed to be a favorite in the organization. More to follow but it seems like Andujar will be protected, I guess they would rather roll the dice with him than Frazier. I am surprised we could not find a match for any of the three but maybe we will end up signing them back. Prospects Oswaldo Cabrera, Ron Marinaccio, Everton Pereira, Stephen Ridings and JP Sears were all protected. Ridings looked really good in his cameo with the team this year and Pereira and Cabrera are top prospects who were expected to be protected.

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