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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/18/21

Here’s a Thursday rundown.

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The rumored rapid-pace hot stove has indeed arrived this year, with several big names off of the market already — albeit some have opted for short-term deals. Noah Syndergaard and Justin Verlander headline the pack of pitchers hoping to re-establish themselves after an injury riddled year, and have taken one-year pacts with the Angels and Astros respectively (the latter includes a player option for 2023). Verlander in particular was connected to the Yankees among others, so that’s one less option on the board.

Today on the site, Andrés opens with an argument for why Gerrit Cole should have won the Cy Young, September swoon and all. Jon looks back at the infamous double-play that was sending two runners to get thrown out at the plate, and Josh examines the narrative around roster flexibility and this offseason’s debate on signing big free agents. Finally, Matt has two pieces: one combing the winter leagues for the randomly scattered former Yankees hanging around, and another on the best single-season career of any Yankee.

Fun Questions:

1. Will we see even more early signings in the next week or so?

2. Were you surprised that the Cy Young vote was as big of a landslide for Robbie Ray as it ended up being? (Ray earned 29 first-place votes, Cole got the only other one)