I've been a Yankees fan since my first time going to the Stadium to watch Mickey Mantle play. I've lived in Red Sox territory for decades and, for a short time, within a 5-iron of Fenway. Living here when the Yankees are swept in the Bronx by the Red Sox is, well, unpleasant. But we carry on with hope and conviction that each year will be the year we return to the Series. Imagine our bewilderment when Cash decided that Aaron Boone was manager material - no management experience to speak of, a mediocre baseball career with one notable exception, and no evidence that he can motivate players or manage a bullpen.

Four seasons in what do we have? Obviously no World Series appearances, one ALCS and two ALDS appearances, and early elimination again by the Red Sox. For many teams in MLB, this would be fine. But this is the Yankees, there is no shortage of talent or willingness to find more as needed. Yankee base running and fielding is atrocious and makes the team look like the Rochester Honkers. We fail to let smaller, faster guys bunt to advance runners with a man on and no outs when losing by a run - really? His approach to bullpen management is incomprehensible even after considering the injuries. I understand that the players have to execute but "c'mon man."

The experiment of hiring a manager whose greatest qualifications for the job are that he hit a well-timed home run and was a baseball announcer should be concluded. Thank Aaron Boone for his service and let him go. Today. What's the worst that can happen - we lose a few games? We're doing that anyway.

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