Looking Ahead

After Tuesday’s debacle in the AL Wild Card game, the Yankees must now begin the rebuilding process to make them a contending team in 2022. The Yankees can’t keep plugging the holes half-way and figure that it will suffice. It didn’t this season.

The issues that must be addressed are:

Manager: Do they bring Aaron Boone back or not? That question remains to be answered.

Pitching: Besides Gerrit Cole, they need at least a solid two and three starter.

Catcher: Gary Sanchez is not the answer. The Yankees need to start looking for a new catcher.

Shortstop: The Gleyber Torres experiment is over. They need a real shortstop and this offseason there will be a handful to pick from.

First Base: They either must resign Anthony Rizzo or look for a better solution than Luke Voit.

Outfield: Is Joey Gallo the answer? Is Brett Gardner worth it?

If the Yankees do nothing this Winter to address these issues, they will have the same outcome next season. They will be left questioning themselves again about all the mistakes that were made previous seasons. They will be left in the dust again and watching a team like the Tampa Bay Rays contend for another World Series title.

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