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The five longest home runs of the 2021 Yankees season

Let’s watch some dingers.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

While plenty of Yankees fans over the past couple seasons have often bemoaned that the “Yankees hit too many home runs,” no one can deny that some of the blasts they hit are fun to watch.

As part of our season roundup, here is a look at the five longest home runs that the Yankees have hit this year. Although 2021 was a disappointing season for the Yankees, these dingers are not disappointing visually.

5. Gio Urshela: 453 feet vs. Rays - 4/11

The names you’re expecting on this list are coming up in a second, but Urshela cracking it was a mild surprise.

After last year’s struggles against the Rays, it seemed like the Yankees were going to start 2021 in a similar manner against them. After dropping the first two games of the series, the trailed 2-0 as the game went to the third inning. Due up second for the Yankees in the third was Urshela, who tied the game with this blast:

Naturally, because it was the Trop, the 453-foot shot seemingly broke something when it hit the wall beyond center field. The Yankees also went on to win the game.

4. Aaron Judge: 455 feet vs. Blue Jays - 9/30

The most important thing about this home run was not how far it went. The most important thing about it was that it gave the Yankees an early lead in a crucial game against a team they were battling with for a Wild Card spot. After this, the Blue Jays took the lead before the Yankees battled back for a win, with Judge going deep again. If not for this homer, who knows how the rest of this game plays out? Maybe they lose it and end up playing Toronto in a one-game playoff.

However, we can also take time to admire it without any context. Against likely AL Cy Young winner Robbie Ray, Judge did this in the first inning:

It went off the restaurant in straight away center, for a 455-foot shot. It was both an important and a very, very long home run.

3. Giancarlo Stanton: 457 feet vs. Angels - 8/30

It’s a bit of an upset that it took until No. 3 for a Stanton homer to make this list, but he’s here now. (Spoiler alert: This won’t be his last appearance either.)

After some classic 2021 Yankees bullpen woes cost them a lead against the Angels on August 30th, Stanton came up with a runner on down two in the seventh. He proceeded to tie the game with this gigantic blast into the outfield rocks:

The Yankees lost that game because, again: bullpen. However, at least we got to see someone make a serious attempt at denting a rock.

2. Giancarlo Stanton: 471 feet vs. Orioles - 4/5

It might’ve taken until No. 3 to make an appearance on the list, but a Stanton dinger also comes in at No. 2 on the list.

All the way back on April 5th, the Yankees led 2-0, but were looking for more when Stanton came up with the bases loaded in the fifth. Even after his run in the 2020 playoffs, he probably would’ve been subject to boos if he failed to deliver, for whatever reasons you want to ascribe. However, he insured that wouldn’t happen this time and put a ball onto the Yankee Stadium concourse:

It officially came in at 471 feet and helped the Yankees to a 7-0 win.

1. Giancarlo Stanton: 472 feet vs. A’s - 8/27

Surprise! It’s that man again.

In the midst of maybe the hottest of his several hot streaks this year, Stanton went into an August 27th game in Oakland having gone deep in all of the previous three games. In a scoreless game in the fourth, he stepped to the plate against Sean Manaea, and did this:

It went 472 feet into the second deck of the “Mount Davis” structure. The Yankees never looked back from there and ended up winning their 13th consecutive game. The dinger also left Manaea making this face:

Honestly, same.