Expanding on why Aaron Boone's "Closed the Gap" quote is so misleading

So just about 2 weeks ago, after the Yankees' embarrassing 6-2 loss to their rival Boston Red Sox in the AL wild card game, Aaron Boone made a fantastic quote saying that "the league has closed the gap on us. My first thought after I heard this incredibly idiotic statement was, "what gap?", because from what I remember the Yankees have simply not accomplished much in the last decade or so. You can talk about how the Astros cheated us in 2017, which in no way do I disagree with, but either way the Yankees went home while the Astros went on to beat the Dodgers in the world series. Now let's talk about what really makes this quote so bad. First off, this team has not won the pennant in the last 12 years, their 2nd longest streak in franchise history. They have only won the AL East once in the last 9 years, tying with the Blue Jays and Orioles for the lowest amount in that span, but he main issue that gets overlooked about these recent Yankee teams is who they beat and who they have lost to in the playoffs since 2015. Starting in 2015, they lost to the Astros in the wild card game, missed the playoffs in 2016, in 2017 they defeated the Twins and Indians and lost to the Astros in the ALCS. In 2018 they beat Oakland in the wild card game and lost to the Red Sox in the DS. In 2019, they beat the Twins and lost to the Astros again. In 2020, they beat the Indians and lost to the Rays, and finally in 2021 the Yankees got embarrassed by the Red Sox at Fenway Park in the wild card game. What all of this means is that since 2015 the Yankees are 4-0 against teams coming from the AL Central and a whopping 1-6 against teams that come from the AL East or West. The reason this matters so much is that these AL Central teams since 2017 have been extremely underwhelming. Besides the 2017 Indians, every team has been noncompetitive once they get to the playoffs. This has been shown even more in the past 2 seasons by the fact that the Twins in 2020 and the White Sox in 2021 being no match for the Astros. Adding even more emphasis on how reliant the Yankees have been beating up on the weak AL Central is that the only time they have defeated a team not in the Central since 2015 was the 2018 Oakland A's in a one game wild card playoff. The bottom line is that this team has under performed year in and year out and they need to have a big off season. 2022 needs to be a big turning point for the Bronx Bombers.

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