We will find out if Hal is the problem soon enough

So Boone is still our manager which is starting to make sense to me. Think about it, Cashman's contract is up at the end of next year so why not bring Boone back and roll the dice one more time on these two. If we flame out again next year we will see if Hal really wants to win. If he does, then he lets go of Cashman and Boone and brings in a new GM who will want to hire his/her own manager. Why lock up a new manager now when you might just saddle a new GM with an existing manager in place??

Listen, Cashman in my book is not a bad GM however I really think his time has come. The entire organization was put together by him, the analytics department, training, advanced scouting, players, etc. One can only look at other teams with much lower payrolls beating the pants off of us to realize the organization he put together is broken and needs to be overhauled which means a new GM as well.

Never been much of a Boone fan. Was upset they never re-upped Girardi who I thought deserved another shot with the baby bombers but it did not happen so be it. Think he is a good regular season manager with a ton of warts and a lousy post season manager.

We shall see but that is my take!

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