A look at the yankees 2022 free agents

Corey Kluber SP 35.5 R R NYY $11,000,000

If we could resign him cheap im game. Aside from injuries hes a good pitcher, id say one year 11m-

Andrew Heaney SP 30.3 L L NYY $6,750,000

let him walk -

Anthony Rizzo 1B 32.2 L L NYY $16,500,000 $21,709,012

Like K-Ball resign him let him play first have Voit at DH

Joely Rodriguez RP 29.9 NYY $3,000,000

Hes decent yet havent been able to see him just know his stats -

Brett Gardner LF 38.1 L L NYY $2,300,000

Brett, we love you, youve been an amazing Yankee,yet with an outfield of gallo stanton n judge, -hang up the cleats?

Darren O'Day RP 38.9 R R NYY $1,400,000

hes hinted at retirement, love your sub pitch tho youve had a good career -

Aaron Boone COA 48.6 NYY -

steinbrenner wants him, hes not a bad manager so im ok with him coming back-

Ryan LaMarre LF 32.8 R L NYY $570,500 -

like with joey dont know much bout him

Adam Warren RP 34.1 R R NYY

Let him walk...

those are my thoughts what are yours? - -

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