Yanks Arbitration Problems

FanGraphs has estimated that the cost for the Yanks to sign their arbitration eligible players for 2022 is $80 mm.

While I find it hard to believe that Sanchez will get pay raise, and Gallo too, we do know the arbitration folks always seem to side with the players and award more money that you would think.

FanGraphs then estimates that the payroll for the team would be $222 mm, and that is BEFORE adding any free agents. As Michael Kay likes to say, there are three true outcomes to consider:

1) Hal keeps Cashman

2) Cashman keeps Boone

3) Hal tells Cashman to stay under the cap (which, granted, will increase under the new CBA, but we do not know by how much)

Given the above, which I do think will happen, that is why the team is in a bind, unable to sign quality free agents and also why Cashman constantly dumpster dives for players with low or no cost.

Just can't see how they will be able to sign Rizzo, a free agent SS and a quality arm. Would be great to trade some of the high priced talent, but as many have said, their value has diminished and we would have to eat some of their payroll, just making the problem worse.

Just another reason Hal should fire Cashman and find a GM to rebuild before we start all over again with Judge's long term deal.

Not sure if the link will work: 2021 New York Yankees Payroll | RosterResource | FanGraphs Baseball

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