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Cashman’s offseason bullpen moves: PSA Community Reaction

It’s hard to predict how the Yankees’ 2021 bullpen will fare.

New York Yankees v Washington Nationals Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

How stressful has this offseason been for Yankees general manager Brian Cashman?

According to Lindsey Adler of The Athletic, “Brian Cashman says this offseason has made him pull his hair out.” Figuratively speaking, of course.

Acquiring a few quality bullpen arms — and doing so in a cost-effective way — was one of the team’s primary goals this winter. Say Cashman is done dealing and has made his final tweaks to the Yankees 2021 bullpen. What do Yankees fans think of Cashman’s moves? Let’s take a closer look at the new relief crew.

When was the last time a submarining right-hander donned the pinstripes? After offloading Adam Ottavino’s $8 million salary to the division rival Red Sox, the Yankees agreed to a one-year, $2.5 million contract with 38-year-old Darren O’Day. O’Day, who spent much of his career with Baltimore, excels at facing right-handed batters. In other words, he is well suited to take over the role Ottavino had occupied in the Yankees bullpen.

A number of fans pointed out that like many of Cashman’s offseason moves, O’Day is a high-risk, high-reward acquisition. And an economical one at that. Yankees fans aren’t sure what to expect from the 38-year-old reliever, but nonetheless seem to understand why adding O’Day to the mix appealed to Cashman.

PSA forum about Adam Ottavino

Adding a pitcher with a unique delivery excited some members of the PSA community. As a seasoned veteran who’s been in the game for 13 years, O’Day has had a few IL stints. Nothing you wouldn’t expect from a pitcher who has been around the block.

Trading Ottavino to the Red Sox in an obvious salary dump was a more polarizing move.

What do you think of Cashman’s bullpen shuffling for the 2021 season?


How do you feel about the Yankees’ decision to add O’Day and trade Otto?

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    Good. The 2021 bullpen is looking good to me.
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  • 17%
    Bad. I’m sick of Cashman’s dumpster diving.
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    It could work out. OK, I guess?
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