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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 1/29/21

Friday’s open thread

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Tom Gordon was an electric setup man for Mo.
Photo by Rich Pilling/MLB via Getty Images

Hello everyone and happy Friday. It’s definitely been one of the busier weeks that the Yankees have had in awhile, as they acquired Jameson Taillon, traded Adam Ottavino, officially sign DJ LeMahieu and Corey Kluber, unofficially came to terms with reliever Darren O’Day, and bid farewell to Masahiro Tanaka. Oh, also that goofy Hall of Fame nonsense.

Buckle up because we have a lot of offseason content heading your way. Dan will take a look at some prospects on the Yankees’ roster who might move in a trade, Peter will look into Rockies starter Jon Gray as a possible trade target, Josh will examine the deceptive nature of O’Day’s sidearm delivery, and Ryan P. will answer your mailbag questions.

Fun Questions

  1. What are your favorite highlights of Tanaka’s Yankees tenure?
  2. Who is your favorite Yankee to never win a World Series? (I imagine we’ll get a lot of Donnie Baseballs here, but I’m curious if anyone else pops up.)