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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 1/20/21

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Wednesday’s open thread.

1936 World Series
1936 World Series: FDR meets with Joe McCarthy and Bill Terry
Photo By: Bob Costa/NY Daily News via Getty Images

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday, which on this occasion, happens to be a fairly important one in American history. We’ll keep the focus on baseball though, as we still have a whole bunch of points of discussion today.

Tom will preview how the Yankees’ rookie pitchers might end up finding a stable home in the 2021 bullpen, Erica will dive deep on recently-dismissed Mets GM Jared Porter and front office culture, John will explain why Albert Almora Jr. is not even a bench outfielder to pursue, and Jake will examine whether the Yankees even have the prospect capacity to trade for the Reds’ Luis Castillo.

Fun Questions

  1. How does the Blue Jays’ reported signing of George Springer affect your thoughts about the 2021 AL East? Do you think the Jays have a legitimate shot at the division title?
  2. The Angels came to terms with José Quintana for just one year and $8 million. Should the Yankees have matched that to add some rotation stability, or did you have no interest?