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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Players react to LeMahieu returning to the Bronx

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Yankees fans weren’t the only ones who were excited for LeMahieu’s return to New York.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We have kept you posted on what the Yankees have been up to on social media ever since baseball shut down back in March. Although the baseball season is over, we’ll still provide weekly updates on what your favorite Yankees do when they’re not on the diamond!

Players react to LeMahieu coming back to the Bronx

The DJ LeMahieu sweepstakes are finally over. The Yankees came out on top, signing the infielder to a six-year, $90 million deal. It’s obvious that the Yankeea fanbase is excited for the reunion, the players are equally excited. Scroll below for how some of the Yankees reacted to the signing.

Clarke Schmidt ready for 2021 season

While the Yankees signed DJ LeMahieu, they also acquired former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. Kluber figures to take the second spot in the rotation, but the rest of the rotation is up for grabs. Clarke Schmidt is one name that has been brought up for a back-end option. In 2020, he only threw 6.1 innings for the Bombers, but seems to have more options in 2021.

Aaron Hicks hitting the driving range

Not only can Hicks hit for power on the diamond, but also at the driving range. It’s common for baseball players to play golf in the offseason and Hicks has been spending his fair share of time improving his game. Here’s a video of him blasting a golf ball 330 feet!