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Reactions to the Yankees bringing back DJ LeMahieu were quite different than last time

Remember how Yankees fans reacted when LeMahieu arrived in 2019? Friday’s news brought about the exact opposite response.

Division Series - New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Want to have yourself a good laugh to distract yourself from current horrors of the world? Go back to our community reaction post from almost exactly two years ago, when the Yankees signed free agent infielder DJ LeMahieu to a two-year, $24 million contract.

Fast forward 24 months, and wow, that changed. After two MVP-caliber seasons, Yankees Universe rejoiced after LeMahieu re-signed with the Yanks on a six-year, $90 million deal, ending a frustrating stretch of nearly three months that saw fans impatiently wait for a move that seemed like a no-brainer.

So, after universally hating the signing, the consensus is that DJ LeMahieu’s latest deal is a bargain for the Yankees. They gave the reigning batting champion additional years in exchange for a lower annual earning, which the Yankees probably planned in order to stay under the luxury tax.

Speaking of the Yankees’ money-saving motives, the media saw the signing as a win-win for both the franchise and LeMahieu himself. It always seemed like LeMahieu wanted to stay in the Bronx, and the Yankees clearly want to limit their payroll, and the added years/lower annual value of the contract was seen as a best-case scenario for both sides.

Want to know who REALLY loved the LeMahieu signing? LeMahieu’s teammates, who have watched him rake for the past two years while recording three of the biggest hits the team has had since he signed (2019 ALCS games five and six, 2020 Wild Card Series game two). With that in mind, Yankee players were quick to celebrate when they heard the news.

Of course, there is the reality that a six-year deal means LeMahieu will be close to 40 by the time his contract runs out, which puts him in rare company:

But who are we kidding, this is a machine we’re talking about...

What a difference two years makes, am I right? After being seen as one of the more puzzling signings in the 2019 offseason, LeMahieu’s return to the Bronx is now seen as a no-brainer, with the only question being: what took so long?