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“LeMahieu and Kluber and more, oh my!” The 2021 Yankees begin to take shape

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It was a long day, and a long-awaited day for Yankees fans who’ve been craving a little action.

MLB: OCT 06 ALDS Game 2 - Yankees at Indians Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Yankees checked many items off the offseason to-do list on Friday. Famished fans gobbled up the Yankees’ news feast, having awoken to learn that DJ LeMahieu will be in our lives for six more glorious years. They later found out that Corey Kluber would be a Yankee before wrapping up for the night.

While Kluber was an attractive option on the market for many teams in need of a seasoned starting pitcher, his potential effectiveness had been uncertain due to the reality of the two-time Cy-winner being 35 years old. He was an ace, albeit one who hasn’t had a fully healthy season since 2018. Considering he got the Yankees to bite, Kluber must have put on a convincing performance during his showcase for scouts before Friday. Perhaps his worth is more clear now, or at least the Yankees seem to think so. If Corey Kluber is at least a decent facsimile of Cleveland’s Corey Kluber — the guy the Yanks respected (but still mashed in 2017) — well then it’s a delight to end the day with news of his welcome to the Bronx.

Whew! That’s not even mentioning all the contract agreements that went down in between our lovely LeMahieu and Kluber bookends. Let’s look at what the usual suspects had to say about the news-filled day and examine the impact of all these new transactions and agreements.

First of all, Yankees fans everywhere started the day off on the right foot.

Later on, a lovely nightcap.

The man looks good in, uh, Photoshopped pinstripes.

Although a shave is probably in order, as noted by former Cleveland beat writer Anthony Castrovince.

Jake Storiale dropped the mic on all of us with his clairvoyant vision predicting Kluber’s arrival. This was a big day for Jake, considering he sucks.

You might sense some passive aggression in Jeff Passan’s tweet. His ego may have been a little bruised. You see, Jake and Passan have a thing. A little-known history, if you will. Explore it if you want.

Anyway, here’s the meat of everything in between, which basically amounts to the nuts and bolts of the Yankees roster in 2021.

The Yankees have agreed to terms with nearly everyone we were wondering about: Clint Frazier, bullpen stalwart Chad Green, Aaron Judge, Jordan Montgomery, Gary Sánchez, Gleyber Torres, Gio Urshela and Luke Voit. They’re all on one-year, non-guaranteed contracts, avoiding arbitration.

I’m here for the Tyler Wade stanning DJ show.