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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 1/15/21

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Start your Friday off with an open thread.

Gillette Home Run Derby presented by Head & Shoulders Photo by John Grieshop/MLB via Getty Images

Good morning folks, welcome to another weekend. Things may finally be thawing on the free agent market, so may this be the last week of the glacier pace we’ve been being dragged through all winter. Now we just have to hope the Yankees are one of the teams waking up.

Today is mailbag day, and I’ll be delivering the answers to your latest questions. On top of that, Josh is comparing the cases that Corey Kluber and James Paxton have made now that both have done a live workout for teams. Tom takes a look at how Gleyber Torres’ defense can be salvaged, and Matt has busted out the OOTP machine for a creative piece attempting to save the doomed 2013 Yankees with some iconic names. Give them all a look, and in the meantime feel free to chill out here.

Fun Questions

1. Now that relievers seem to be going off the board, do the Yankees walk away with an arm this week for the ‘pen?

2. If you could pick one former Cy Young season from any of the past decade’s winners to replicate, who would you take?