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How would you grade the 2020 Yankees?

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We’ve filed our grades. What are yours?

Just about a month ago (though it feels longer), Pinstripe Alley finished up its annual “Roster Report Cards” series, where we graded the 2020 Yankees based on how the campaign went for each player. The writing staff came to a consensus evaluation for everyone from Aaron Hicks to Zack Britton, and we wrote about the seasons that led us to settle on each grade.

Understandably, there was some chatter in the comments on some players in particular about whether we got the grade right or not. It might a little overdue, but since the Yankees aren’t giving us much to think about at the moment, why not take some time to think about it again? We want to hear from you about how you’d grade the 2020 Yankees.

To keep the survey from being tedious, I limited it to 20 players rather than the 43 who made up the Yankees’ entire 2020 roster. That way, I’m hoping more fans will be inclined to do the survey since it’ll be less time-consuming. (I’m guessing that few people outside of the Kriske household have strong feelings on Brooks Kriske.) So, we have 10 hitters, 5 starters, and 5 relievers. For fun, I also added in manager Aaron Boone and GM Brian Cashman, in case you’d like to weigh in on them.

I’ve set up a Google Form to fill out the survey, so click this link to have it take you there! We’d love to get as many responses as possible and do a follow-up story on the average community response. Thanks!