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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 1/11/21

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Monday’s open thread.

Mariners v Yankees
Steve Karsay? Steve Karsay.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Good morning all, and I hope you had a stress-free weekend. Josh will be kicking off a relatively low-key day on the site today as he ponders how the AL East rival Toronto Blue Jays will handle their home-field situation in 2021 with the borders likely continuing to be closed. I’ll be next with a survey about your grades on the 2020 Yankees, and barring any big news (thanks to the team pissing off DJ LeMahieu, I’m not holding my breath for any today), Ryan P. will close out the day with a new PSA mailbag call.

Fun Questions

  1. The Browns and Bills pulled off their first playoff wins in a generation this weekend. Of the two MLB teams with the longest playoff droughts, who makes it back first: the Mariners or Phillies?
  2. Who is one Yankee from your youth (or early days of following baseball) who you didn’t appreciate as much as you probably should have?