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Gary Sánchez returns to Yankees lineup

The benching is over for the Yankees’ catcher.

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

He’s back.

After two games on the bench, Gary Sánchez returns to the Yankees’ lineup, reports Marley Rivera. He will serve as the starting catcher, too, and not just a DH role.

The Yankees benched Sánchez for two games, both of which the Bombers lost in spectacular fashion. The 27-year-old struggled at the plate all season, hitting .130/.237/.350 with seven home runs (58 wRC+).

“I think it is all about making that fine-tune adjustment, getting back to dominating the fastball. As a hitter I think that is where it all begins. You want to be able to handle the fastball,’’ Yankees manager Aaron Boone told George A. King III of the decision to bench Sánchez.

Of course, there’s no way one can say that Sánchez has played well this year, but he offers an upside far greater than the likes of batting blackholes Tyler Wade, Mike Ford, Mike Tauchman, and Thairo Estrada. Give me Sánchez’s elite exit velocity over any of them. After a reset, he has the chance to go off at the plate. None of the other replacement-level players can do that without the juiced ball.

Go get ‘em, Sánchez. I hope the Yankees unleash the Kraken on the league down the stretch.