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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/28/20

Voit and LeMahieu finish as league leaders; Aaron Boone updates Voit’s “foot stuff;” Looking at the matchup with Cleveland

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

ESPN | Marly Rivera: A couple of Yankees made history Sunday, and earned some black ink on the back of their baseball cards. DJ LeMahieu has won the 2020 MLB batting title, while Luke Voit is the MLB leader in home runs. LeMahieu hit .364 in 50 games, becoming the first Yankee to win the batting title since Bernie Williams in 1998, and the ninth Yankee in history to lead the league. Meanwhile, Voit finished with 22 home runs in 56 games, and became the seventh Yankee to lead the bigs in dingers, and the first since Alex Rodriguez in 2007. Both players should garner a healthy share of MVP votes this year.

Newsday | Erik Boland: And to think, Voit led the league in dingers while dealing with that infamous “foot stuff” that Aaron Boone kept referring to. Boone clarified Voit’s status ahead of the playoffs, suggesting that his nagging injury is not as bad as some think. According to the skipper, Voit is “moving well” and the foot isn’t “limiting him” other than jogging around the bases after hitting homers. If Voit just has to take it slow after blasting balls over the wall, so be it. Voit’s feet should be just fine heading into Cleveland for the Wild Card round. | Randy Miller: About that trip to Cleveland, it was one of the worst possible matchups for the Yankees in a three-game series in some ways. Although the Indians really cannot hit, their pitching is top-notch and presents a serious challenge in such a short series. However, it’s important to keep things in perspective here. The Yankees, despite having the worse record, are the favorites in this series based on depth, experience and true talent. The Yankees are healthy, on a mission, and overall the better team from top to bottom in this series. The regular season is over. The real season starts now.