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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 9/26/20

Start off your Saturday with an open thread.

Miami Marlins v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Yankees are not playing particularly well, and they’ve got two games left to turn things around before the spotlight shines even brighter. There’s still room for a lot of movement in the playoff standings in these last two games, which leads to a lot of uncertainty over who the Yankees will face in the Wild Card Series, but what they do know is that they have the Marlins in front of them for two more games. Make the most of it, and hit that reset button hard once everyone is 0-0 again.

Today on the site, Peter highlights how Aroldis Chapman’s new splitter can be a major boon for the Yankees closer, Cooper looks into the factors that brought about DJ LeMahieu’s prolific rise in New York, Erica dives into the poor defense that has plagued the team this season and Josh analyzes whether Gerrit Cole lived up to expectations in his first season in pinstripes.

Fun Questions:

1. What is your confidence level going into the final weekend of the regular season?

2. Who do the Yankees end up playing in the Wild Card Series?