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Yankees fan favorite Erik Kratz gets a shirt from BreakingT

Knuckle Up with the Yankees’ catcher turned reliever

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Erik Kratz is the Yankees’ third catcher, but he moonlights as a knuckleballing reliever. The 40-year-old pitched the eighth inning of a blowout loss against the Red Sox, and he channeled the likes of Phil Niekro and Tim Wakfield, picking up a swing-and-miss on a knuckleball.

A fan favorite since joining the Yankees, Kratz is best known for his fatherly relationship with Deivi García (“I’m so excited to play catch with my son”) and for wearing a Lion King headband. Who knew a third catcher could be so fun?

Our friends at BreakingT took note of his popularity among Yankees fans, and they put together the Knuckle Up shirt for Kratz.

BreakingT shirts have the MLBPA seal of approval and are made in the USA. They’re real comfortable, too! You can order yours today by clicking on the above link.