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This Day in Yankees History: Mays and Soriano reach home run feats

Willie Mays hits number 600 and Alfonso Soriano hits his 13th leadoff home run.

Tampa Bay Rays v. New York Yankees

The start of the 2020 season is finally underway! The Pinstripe Alley team is going to continue to keep these daily posts that highlight a few key moments in Yankees history on a given date, as well as recognize players born on the day. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

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This Day in Yankees History (September 22)

51 years ago

Willie Mays joins Babe Ruth as the second major leaguer to hit 600 career home runs. The historic homer is delivered as a pinch-hitter in the top of the seventh inning off Padres pitcher Mike Corkins.

17 years ago

Alfonso Soriano hits his 13th leadoff home run of the season to establish a new major league record. The second baseman previously shared the record with Brady Anderson, who led off with 12 round-trippers for the 1996 Orioles.


Happy birthday to Urban Shocker!

First of all, that might be the coolest name in baseball history (even though it’s a nickname). Second, he was a really good ballplayer. He played 13 years in the league, six with the Yankees. He threw 932.0 innings in pinstripes with a 3.14 ERA, including 57 complete games. He won the World Series in 1927 and 1928 with the Yanks.

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