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Somehow, Yankees fans don’t think this team is a championship contender

I think fans are taking the slump a little too harshly.

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New York Yankees Manager Aaron Boone During Spring Training
“Really, guys?”
Photo by J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday via Getty Images

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The Yankees have had a roller coaster of a season in 2020, storming out to an early division lead before crashing into

The club bounced back, though, getting healthy, and winning eight games in a row. They didn’t really sneak by any of the teams, either. as the starting pitching stopped the bleeding, and the bats provided more than enough firepower. The Bombers scored 43 runs in three games against the Blue Jays, after all!

Still, fans seem to have taken that slump poorly, as an overwhelming number of respondents in our SB Nation Reacts survey think the team isn’t championship material. Granted, this poll closed on September 15, but this still feels harsh.

With the expanded playoffs, the important thing is for the Yankees to just get in, and get in healthy. Have the Death Star lineup ready and see where it takes them. Every other postseason team is in the same boat.

On the subject of the playoffs, most fans agree that a bubble is necessary. It’s the only way to logistically pull off the postseason without interruptions. Look at how start-and-stop the regular season has been with positive tests forcing a series of postponements. That can’t happen in October.

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