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BreakingT launches new M-Voit-P t-shirt

The M-Voit-P shirt is the latest in BreakingT’s Yankees collection.

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Luke Voit is having a remarkable season. The 29-year-old is hitting .280/.341/.643 with a league-leading 19 home runs (159 wRC+). Add in The Almighty Narrative of the first baseman carrying a limping Yankees team to the playoffs, and all a sudden you have an MVP case.

He may not win, as Cooper recently broke down the competition, but he definitely has entered the conversation. That’s kind of wild considering he was an unheralded prospect who arrived in a roster-space clearing trade back in the summer of 2018. now he’s one of the top sluggers in the American League.


Our friends at BreakingT took notice of his performance, and they decided to show their support with a new Yankees shirt!

As always, the design has the MLBPA’s seal of approval, it’s printed in America, and it’s quite comfortable. Order yours today at the link above and rep the Yankees’ stud first baseman.