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Celebrate Deivi Day with a Deivi García shirt from BreakingT

The Deivi shirt is the perfect way to rep the Yankees’ breakout pitcher.

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The Yankees needed a spark to correct the tailspin they found themselves in for much of August. They happened to get it from their 21-year-old pitching prospect, Deivi García.

The right-hander debuted on August 30, starting in part of a doubleheader against the Mets. He happened to pitch his way into the rotation, though, transforming a spot-start audition into a springboard off which the Yankees could jump.

Now you can celebrate García with a Deivi shirt from our friends at BreakingT. García gets his fourth start tonight, a repeat outing against the Blue Jays, so the timing lines up perfectly. Make sure to snag yours before its too late.

As always, the design has the MLBPA’s seal of approval, it’s printed in America, and it’s quite comfortable. Order yours today at the link above and rep the Yankees’ stud starting pitcher.