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Yankees Highlights: Gerrit Cole struggles, Miguel Yajure impresses

The struggles against the Rays continue

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

For most of this game, the Yankees looked like they were sleepwalking at the plate. They didn’t record a hit off Tyler Glasnow until the sixth inning—and that needed a replay review. They rallied, though, and brought the tying run to the plate in the ninth inning. The Rays still won, 5-3, but maybe O’Neill Theory is in effect for tomorrow.

We’ll have a full recap up in a little bit. In the meantime, enjoy the game highlights:

Winner of the Game

Miguel Yajure made his major-league debut tonight, and that’s notable for two reasons. First, he tossed three scoreless innings to keep the Yankees in the game. Bravo to him! Also, he became the first player in big-league history to wear no. 89. How about that for a fun fact? Remember that for later; it might help you win some trivia.

Honorable Mentions: Luke Voit, Gio Urshela

Loser of the Game

Gerrit Cole struggled for the second-consecutive start. Ring the panic alarm! I think there’s actually a middle ground between the “Cole’s a bust!” crowd and the Cole can do no wrong arguments. Today’s example, Cole as a tentative pitcher:

At his best, Cole dares batters up in the zone with his electric fastball. He didn’t do that today, appearing less confident than normal. Lots of pitches in the middle of the zone, some nibbling, not a whole lot of challenging. The result? Four runs over five innings of work, including eight hits.


Credit: FanGraphs