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Yankees and Mets series postponed due to coronavirus (UPDATED)

At least two individuals on the Mets have tested positive for COVID-19.

MLB: Exhibition-New York Yankees at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball just announced that tomorrow night’s game between the Yankees and the Mets has been postponed. According to Jon Heyman, two individuals on the Mets (a player and a coach) have tested positive for COVID-19. It’s unclear if the teams will have time to squeeze in any of the Subway Series this weekend.

The Yankees were scheduled to play a three-game set at Citi Field this week. That’s obviously in jeopardy, as the length of time it takes for a team to get back in action after a coronavirus outbreak is a little unpredictable. The Reds identified a positive case, isolated the individual, and got back to playing relatively quickly. The Marlins and Cardinals, however, both experienced protracted shutdowns as the virus spread rampantly through their clubhouses.

The Mets (12-14) are also scheduled tp visit Yankee Stadium from August 28-30. The proximity of stadiums helps ease the travel burden at least, perhaps suggesting they can find an easier time to make up games. Expect more doubleheaders in the future.

Here’s hoping the individuals who tested positive have a speedy recovery. That’s the most important thing. Baseball always comes after that.

Update 8/21/20: The entire Subway Series has been postponed, reports Tim Healey. The teams have a mutual day off on Monday, should the Mets effectively address the positive tests. It’s unclear what would happen if not.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to Pinstripe Alley for details as they emerge.