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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 8/2/20

Close out your weekend with an open thread

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees and Red Sox wrap up their series tonight with a little Sunday Night Baseball. Get ready for a marathon. I know I won’t complain about it after such a long layoff. I’m soaking up all the baseball I can.

While we wait, Ryan will take a lot at Brett Gardner’s start to the season, and Dan Kelly prepares us for roster cuts. Dan Carty remembers the late Thurman Munson, and Joe checks in with players on social media.

In the meantime, feel free to use this as your open thread. Enjoy!

Fun Questions

  1. How impressed were you with Masahiro Tanaka’s velocity last night?
  2. What’s the best type of food for takeout?