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Yankees Highlights: Clint Frazier leads offensive domination

The Yankees got another big night from Clint Frazier, among many others, as they blasted their rivals yet again.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Earlier today, the YES Network aired an episode of their Yankees Classics series, in which they replay a memorable game from the Yankees’ storied history. This particular edition featured the famous extra-inning Yankees-Red Sox matchup in which Derek Jeter flew into the stands and John Flaherty struck a walkoff single in the 13th. It was fun to be transported to one of the peaks of the rivalry, to when the stands were packed, the likes of Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and Jeter roamed the field, and every pitch was rife with tension.

Tonight’s game was a bit different, for any number of reasons. No longer are these a pair of proud, heavyweight rivals. No, one of the contestants is down on the mat. Once again, the Yankees mowed down their nemesis, cruising to another easy win by the score of 11-5.

Winner of the Game

This section is starting to get difficult to write, not because there’s any shortage of potential winners, but because it’s tempting to simply list the Yankees’ entire complement of hitters every time they crush the woeful Red Sox staff. In particular, Gary Sanchez kept nudging his season line toward respectability, this time with a two-run shot that gave the Yankees a 4-3 lead:

Meanwhile, Clint Frazier continued to make it clear that the only place he belongs right now is the major leagues. He went 3-3 and reached base four times, driving in five runs, thanks in no small part to this three-run shot:

Honorable mention: Gio Urshela opened the scoring with a two-run homer, and Gleyber Torres continued to break out with two more hits.

Loser of the Game

I suppose by default we could mention Mike Ford in this space, who had a tough 0-5 night. With Sanchez and Torres seemingly on the right track, Ford might be the only Yankee bat that’s slumping at the moment. Ford doubled twice against the Braves earlier in the week, but those were the only hits he’s recorded in his last five appearances.