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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/4/2020

MLB releases the first results of their COVID testing; Cole places trust in health and safety protocols; MLB players’ “Fight Club” training ring; Jeter gets a nod in Hamilton choreography

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Yankees Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images | Brendan Kuty: The first round of COVID-19 testing that Major League Baseball conducted has been processed, and the results showed that 1.2% of the tests were positive (38 total out of 3185). Members of 19 different teams came up positive, and the overall numbers reflect closely to the general population and lower than that of the NBA and NHL so far.

NY Daily News | Kristie Ackert: Gerrit Cole recently became a father, and that fact has been front and center in his mind. Cole said that he “can’t stop staring” at his newborn son, and his responsibilities as a father and the new Yankees ace have both been things for him to weigh when reporting to camp. Cole believes that the guidelines and safety procedures that MLB has put in place will be effective in getting through the season, and we’re all hoping that turns out to be the case.

NY Post | Dan Martin: When I say the words, “MLB Fight Club,” what comes to your mind? It came into existance during the quarantine, well, not literally. Some players who were stuck down in Florida when spring training was suspended got together to train and eventually played a couple games on the down low to avoid drawing any crowds, and they likened it to the famous movie for that pact of secrecy.

NY Post | Kirsten Fleming: You may have heard that the musical Hamilton is available to stream now. One of the play’s songs happens to be choreographed with Derek Jeter’s iconic batting stance in mind. If you’re interested in the play, check out the story of how that came to be.