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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/29/20

Yankees rerouted to Baltimore; Nationals refuse to travel to Miami; Four more Marlins have been infected as half the team has the virus; Phillies have yet to report any positive infections; How long can the league press forward with this season?

MLB: Exhibition-Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports | Mike Rosenstein: In case you missed it, the Yankees series with the Phillies has been postponed as Philadelphia receives testing after being exposed to the coronavirus due to the Marlins outbreak. The Yankees have instead been rerouted to Baltimore, where they’ll take on the Orioles for two days. They are then scheduled to face Boston this weekend.

CBS Sports | Mike Axisa: The Washington Nationals voted as a team not to travel to Miami to play the Marlins. It’s not within the rules for the players to simply decide they don’t want to play games; this has to be considered an act in direct defiance of the league to demonstrate that the players don’t feel safe, and won’t go along with MLB’s plans to just plunge forward.

ESPN: As of now, no Philadelphia Phillies have tested positive for the coronavirus after the team was exposed during their opening series with the Marlins. Based on our understanding of the virus, however, this piece of decent news doesn’t offer too much information. An infected person can take days before turning in a positive test, and sometimes, said person can shed virus and infect others before testing positive. It’s hard to imagine the league can send the Phillies anywhere to play baseball while confidently stating that no member of the team has the virus. The Phillies are scheduled to isolate at least through Friday.

Yahoo Sports | Mike Oz: The Marlins had four more players test positive yesterday, meaning at least 17 members of the team have tested positive. It’s believed at least 15 of those have been players, so it appears likely half of the team has contracted the coronavirus. Any member of the Marlins traveling party is liable to have gotten infected. The Marlins are set to quarantine until Monday, though it’s fair to ask if it will be safe for them to play even by then.

FanGraphs | Jay Jaffe: Jaffe takes a wider look at the fiasco in Miami, and tries to answer questions surrounding why the Marlins were allowed to play on Sunday, and whether MLB can truly believe its protocols are enough if Miami’s outbreak stemmed from one infected person.