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Yankees head to Baltimore after scheduling complications

The team’s home-and-home series with the Phillies was postponed following the Marlins’ outbreak, and will now face their first divisional opponent instead.

MLB: JUL 20 Nationals at Orioles Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a confusing couple of days for the Yankees, but at least they now have directions. Their four-game set against the Philadelphia Phillies was postponed following a coronavirus outbreak within the Miami Marlins, who just used the Phillies’ visiting clubhouse and was on the field in contact with Phillies players over the weekend.

Instead of clashing with their former manager Joe Girardi, the team will instead be on the road to Baltimore for a two-game set against the Orioles. The Orioles were supposed to be playing against the Marlins right now, but since they were also stuck in limbo with the Marlins unable to leave quarantine, the two teams can match up in the meantime.

Here is MLB’s official statement on the situation, which addresses both the scheduling concerns with rearranging four teams’ plans as well as the health and safety protocols that the league is relying on:

It looks like the idea will be to get these two games in for the sake of freeing up space later to make up the games the Yankees missed against the Phillies. This last second adjustment leaves the Yankees in a bit of a difficult spot — they had been holed up in a Philadelphia hotel awaiting word of what was going to happen with the games here, and planned to head back to New York today to work out ahead of their home games. Now they have to plan a trip to Baltimore and figure out the logistics of that, whether they want to head there today and try to practice or stay together tonight and bus down to Baltimore tomorrow morning.